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Storm damage can occur at anytime due to unforeseen circumstances and events.  The weather in the great lakes region can change at a drastic rate at any time and any moment.  Mother Nature can produce strong winds, lightning, hail and even tornados. The harsh effects of weather can damage your roof, siding, gutters, patio covers, awnings, and many more features of your home. Storm damage can cause devastating effects on your home if gone unnoticed. If you believe you have any damage whatsoever please feel free to give us a call at 888.349.8889 and let us give you a free storm damage inspection.

Filing an insurance claim



  • ​Call 937.833.5136 or CONTACT THRUSH & SON HERE FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION STORM DAMAGE INSPECTION. The purpose for this inspection is to see wether or not if you have storm damage and if the damage warrants a claim or not.

  • ​If sufficient damage is found, we will recomend that you contact your insurance company to file a property claim and we will prepare a storm damage report/estimate on spot for you and your insurance provider.


  • ​Your Thrush & Son representative will meet with your insurance companies adjuster at your home on the day of the inspection.  We reccomend having a contractor at your home when the insurance adjuster arrives to make sure that both parties agree on the scope of damage.

  • Your Thrush & Son representative will walk your property with your insurance adjuster during the inspection to ensure that the scope of property damage is agreed upon.


  • ​You will receive an adjuster's report from your insurance company detailing the storm damage that was found at your home and how much they are willing to pay for the neccessary repairs. Your Thrush & Son representative will review the estimate to see that the scope and price are adequate for the needed restoration of your property

  • With the adjuste's report, if approved, you will receive an initial payment. The initial payment may equate to roughly half for the alloted amount for the project.  The amount being held back is called your recoverable depreciation.  When the project is completed the recoverable depreciation is then released as a final payment. If the checks have your mortgage companies name listed, immediately contact your mortgage company to request endorsement.  This process may take a few weeks.

  • If Thrush & Son feels that thepropper repairs cannot be completed for the allotted amount of money, Thrush & Son will deal directly with your insurance company to explain how we arrived at our estimate.  This is done to ensure that adequate funds are available for the neccessary repairs to your home.

  • After the insurance company and Thrush & Son have settled on a price for your repairs, your represantitive will work with you to select the project materials/colors and set a date to begin the project.


  • Upon completion of your project, your Thrush & Son representative will do a final walk through of your property and review the photo specs from the specific crew that was assigned to your home. Thrush & Son then requires that the homeowner release payment of the initial check that was issued to them from their insurance provider.

  • You are then required to notify your insurance provider that your repairs are complete; yourThrush & Son representative may assist you, if needed. At this time, any additional funds being held by your insurance provider will be released to you. When the final insurance payment is in your posession, Thrush & Son will arrange a time to collect the final payment.

  • During the close out appointment, your Thrush & Son represantative will collect the final payment at this time and provide you with a final receipt.

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